Followers of legalization from same-intercourse partnerships accessible to grant him or her a similar legal rights while the marriages

Followers of legalization from same-intercourse partnerships accessible to grant him or her a similar legal rights while the marriages

The outcomes of your own Mann–Whitney You decide to try presented mathematically extreme sex-related difference in the newest respondents’ responses for every of your own analyzed comments throughout the answer shipping, having p put since Table 4 Mann–Whitney U decide to try into the variable “sex” (2019)

The results of your own Kruskal–Wallis decide to try to have parameters with categories mean that, with regards to the adopted presumptions one p Dining table 5 Kruskal–Wallis try having variables: many years, host to quarters, studies, and you may shipment away from governmental choices off to the right-leftover axis (2019)

In the example of the comments, there had been mathematically significant correlations within p Dining table six Spearman’s score-purchase correlation away from questions relating to sex, years, host to residence, knowledge, and political choice on the right-remaining axis (2019)

Supporters out-of legalization away from same-gender relationship compared the report one to marriage is just a relationship between a lady and you will a guy. A powerful bad correlation (?0.66) is listed involving the answers to comments [A] and you may [B]. Including, a high negative dependency (?0.62) is actually noticed between statements [B] and you will [C]. Those people participants whom believed that marriage try a great partnership only ranging from a female and you will a guy don’t commit to bring exact same-gender partnerships the same legal rights while the marriage ceremonies. A powerful self-confident correlation (0.71) are detailed anywhere between statements [A] and you will [C]. A failure confident relationship is indexed involving the shipments of respondents’ answers off comments [A] and you may [D] (0.36) and you may [C] and you may [D] (0.36). But not, in the case of the fresh new solutions off comments [B] and you will [D], a weak bad dependency is seen (?0.29). Most of the detailed correlations is actually statistically high that have p Table 7 Spearman’s rank-acquisition relationship (2019)

From the oldest ages group, sixty.1% of the participants compared, and you may % firmly compared report [A]. Contained in this many years classification, % of the participants expressed help getting statement [A]. Also the reduction of ages, this new percentage of participants reverse report [A] methodically fell concise off % regarding the twenty five–34 decades group. About youngest class, there is a slight increase in opponents (so you’re able to %), but also the large portion of supporters (47%) to possess declaration [A]. Just regarding youngest decades class followers away from same-sex dating outweighed the opponents, therefore the percentage of those who didn’t come with opinion with this topic is the tiniest as compared to almost every other categories.

Throughout the youngest age bracket, in the % of women was in favor of legalizing same-intercourse partnerships, so there was merely % of these answers one of people. Inside decades group, 3 x as many females due to the fact guys shown good assistance to possess report [A]. Only % of women throughout the examined ages class conveyed good opposition so you’re able to declaration [A]; one of people, that it ideas is actually indicated by % of the participants.

New distribution off solutions by place off quarters implies that here have been mathematically extreme distinctions considering the measurements of locations (Desk cuatro). A reduced (%) service to own statement [A] try conveyed because of the inhabitants from rural parts (that have farming-oriented savings). Within category, you will find the best commission (%) of them go against so it declaration.

In turn, people respondents which defined its views once the cardiovascular system-correct, otherwise particularly correct-side, and voted to possess proper-wing functions, had been primarily against the legalization regarding exact same-sex unions

Knowledge of one’s participants try a statistically extreme foundation (Table 5). A clear matchmaking is receive anywhere between education and support towards report concerned (rho = 0.21, p


The brand new interest in the latest legalization of exact same-gender unions is not acknowledged because of the greater part of voters in Poland, there are unmistakeable differences in which admiration anywhere between supporters from private parties. The brand new splitting line out-of service for same-intercourse unions obviously differentiates the brand new thinking of voters out of kept-side people regarding the individuals support proper-side ones. Those people voters which discussed its viewpoints just like the kept-wing otherwise heart-leftover and you can who offered remaining-side people inside elections was indeed prone to accept same-intercourse joined partnerships.

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