Kick Off Dhoti Day with Kuttimapillai

Dhoti, the traditional formal male attire in South India, will find its significance again on ‘Dhoti Day’ on January 6. With Dhotis back in fashion, everyone from old men to the young ones can be seen flaunting their Dhotis in style. This special day encourages everyone to wear festive Dhotis to represent not just the state’s culture but also the culture of South India as a whole.

‘Veshti Day’, as it is known in Tamil Nadu, strives to safeguard the interests of the handloom weavers along with encouraging the younger generation to showcase the state’s tradition of wearing Dhotis.

To ensure that the fascination of wearing Dhotis does not die down, we have come out with Dhotis for kids to encourage them to adopt this cool, comfy and cultural attire of Tamil Nadu. With every purchase of this traditionally significant attire, kids and their families across the state can proudly state that they contributed to the livelihood of the weavers.

Our efforts to get kids to wear Dhotis lead us to make this traditional piece of clothing more fun & trendy by attaching Velcro to enable them to wear it easily. We also offer gifts like sunglasses, pulinagam dollar chain and bracelets along with our Dhotis, Shirts, and towels. Day-by-day these Dhotis are becoming instantly popular among the kids, leading to more kids proudly wearing and showcasing our Dhotis.

If you are looking for affordable and colorful Dhoti sets, ask for Kuttimapillai Dhotis in the nearest stores!

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