Superstars Who Rocked the Swag Dhoti Look!

The love for veshtis knows no bounds. From commoners to politicians, men are pulling off the dhoti look with ultimate swag. This holds true for our South Superstars as well who have managed to rock the dhoti look like a pro in their films. We have seen these heroes romancing and fighting their way out of their troubles in their stylish avatar of dhotis.

Let’s take a look at some of the prominent dhoti looks donned by our favorite South Superstars!


Can this list even begin without the mention of our dearest Superstar Thalaivar? Fans across the world adore him. Rajinikanth, who made his debut as a baddie in Tamil films, is worshipped today by his fans for his suave style. He dazzled his fans in the movie ‘Kuluvalile Muthu’ is his white shirt and dhoti.

Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan, or Ulaganayagan as he’s adoringly called, is known not just for his acting but also his direction and screenplay. He is one those superstars who love the dhoti – not just because he’s from Chennai but also because he likes the look and it gives him. The interesting thing about Kamal Haasan sporting a dhoti is that he has a different look each time! Right from Thevar Magar to Virumaandi, Kamal Haasan managed to bring in a new dhoti look; making it trendy and charismatic.


Thala Ajith’s suave demeanor on screen is a craze among the audience. He loves to sport a white silk dhoti and silk shirt, both on-screen and off! What makes his dhoti look more sizzling is his salt-and-pepper hair.


Illayathalapathy Vijay manages to steal hearts whenever he appears on screen. One of the defining factors about this superstar is the way he carries off the dhoti look; with great panache and style. His traditional dhoti look in the movie Mersal had all our hearts throbbing!

So, what’s your favorite dhoti look? Let us know!

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