The Rising Culture of Dhoti

Dhoti, the traditional attire for South Indian men, has marked its presence in various functions and proceedings. Our leaders of the past looked dignified in their dhotis – each in their own style. K. Kamaraj wore white dhotis and loose-fitting shirts; Gandhi turned it into a knee-length half-dhoti, and Subramaniam Bharati wore it as a panchakacham teamed with a black coat. Without a doubt, the white dhoti today brings to mind of politicians with their full smiles.

The origin of the dhoti may be a little hazy, but that definitely doesn’t stop this 5-yard garment to exude its charm amongst the crowd. The dhoti holds a special place in the minds of the men, especially South Indian men. Even with western attires dominating the markets at large, the dhoti has never lost its appeal and popularity.

There has been a significant rise in the popularity of dhotis. Ever since the government declared 6th January as Dhoti Day a few years back to encourage the wearing of dhotis, the men of South India can be seen proudly wearing and flaunting their dhotis. Men of all ages – even small kids – can be seen in their beautiful white crisp dhotis with colorful shirts celebrating traditions and festivals. This rising culture of dhotis has even influenced the global culture in many ways. People across the globe can be found wearing the traditional dhoti in the pant style and have made it a modern style statement.

No matter what changes in the field of clothing, dhoti will forever remain as the foremost priority for men in India, especially in South India during social gatherings, festivals, marriages, and other religious ceremonies.

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